Virgin Australia

The boarding process

I recently went to the Gold Coast for a 4 day holiday. We flew with Virgin Australia and I was pleasantly surprised with the whole thing. There was one thing I thought that they could have done better, however I will get to that later.

Once we scanned into the terminal and checking in our bags and had our carry on luggage scanned, we had some McDonalds and then before we knew it, we had to head to the terminal and get ready for the flight.

Once it was our turn to board the plane, we had to have them scan our tickets and we were allowed onto the tarmac and top the stairs we went right onto the plane.

The Seating Arrangements

Once we boarded the plane, we found our seats and sat down. We had to get up again because someone else had purchased a ticket for the window seat. I needed to get a seatbelt extension and they brought me one very quickly. The crew were absolutely amazing.

The Takeoff and the Flight

Once we were all seated, they played the safety briefing audio and it was at that time that they checked all our seatbelts were on securely and made sure that all our luggage shelves were closed and then they checked to make sure that our on person bags were under our seats and secured.

The flight went amazing. The flight crew were amazing during the whole flight. They bought out the tea and coffee cart and the tea and coffee were free as well as the water however the other drinks could be purchased if that’s what we wanted. I just had coffee… can’t beast coffee right!?

The Landing and the checkout

We landed (very safe and comfortable landing) we got off the plane, picked up our bags and went through the terminal out to the car, it was awesome. Everyone was friendly, happy and ever so eager to help.

There was very little walking to be done, the conveyer belt was running perfectly and it was all a smooth and amazing experience. I guess it helps to be with an experienced flyer as my friend was.

My Only Constructive Criticism

I am not one to complain online about anything, however there is one thing that Virgin Australia could work on and people possibly say this about every airline, but I would say this: the seats were very uncomfortable, and there was not much room to move. I sat next to my friend and our legs and arms were touching the whole time. Im all about bromance, however this was a little sketchy even for me.

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