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Here’s what do you get for your money?

Backup the drive using a hard drive that you will need to provide or I can upload them to a dropbox account, but that will take a while.

– Virus scan and clean

– Defragment the drive (Not if its an SSD)

– Optimize settings and set them how they should be for best performance.

– Clean the computer of old logs and temporary files (you don’t need them… the computer generates a file every time you open any file and over time it will slow the machine down)

– Update drivers.

– Fix the issues that you are experiencing.

It is your responsibility to backup your personal data. Whilst I will do my best to back up the entire computer, if something goes wrong and photos or any other files go missing, I will not be blamed, charged, or put in any legal issues.


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Remote Support

Then Click here to download software

Download and run the program from the link. Agree and install the software. (scroll down just passed the comparison of versions)

Let me know the code when ready for your support to begin.

You will also need to authorize “Full access” to let me do the job as without it, I cant click anything due to the built in safety feature on MP360)

Thank you,

On Point Computer Repairs

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