My thoughts on DoorDash

Well, another day another blog… Door dash in my opinion is one of the best franchises that I have ever seen in my life.

People don’t want to have to get in the car and Woolworths and get that 2 Litre milk or the new new flavoured coke (vanilla is amazing) and now they don’t have too. Someone saw a niche and went with it. Way to go Mr Dash.

From tampons and pads to subway and KFC, you name it, they can get it and they drop it off for a small fee or if you have the dash pass, most of the time delivery is free on certain restaurants.

It’s great for people with a disability who can’t get out all the time to get the milk or for the aged who simply sometimes can’t get out of bed but want Subway for lunch. It really is remarkable.

Head to the App Store and download Door Dash.

Ps: thanks to subway stocklands Nowra for the amazing subs I purchase. Amazing job guys, seriously.

Door Dash also offer gift cards for those hard to buy for people and feel free to click on this link for the promo below.

The drivers that deliver my orders are always friendly and great to have a chat with (just a quick one as they have other ordered to attend too)

There would be at least 20 Door Dash drivers in Nowra and their jobs were created by for Door Dash. How amazing is that! Not only is it a convenience to people, it also offers jobs for people.

Shane Bentley

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