KFC Nowra – Fingerlicking Amazing

The food

KFC Nowra is and has always been well managed and popular. When it comes to the food, the drinks and the service, I can’t find a single fault. The service is always bang on, quick, (sometimes hard to hear the staff voices through the speaker) but all round helpful.

The service

Well, I don’t know this Colonel Sanders is but he sure did a thing by making his business in September 1952. From chicken wings to drumsticks and more and more, Mr Sanders thought of it all.

Fats food should only be a once a week thing (things mothers say) but the generation of now don’t muck around when it comes to ordering up a storm and then inhaling it (no, wait, its just me who inhales food)

You have the choice of like, I don’t know, maybe 40 boxes to choose from and the drinks are always chilling as well… the colder the better.

My personal review

I love KFC Nowra. The staff are always friendly, and very quick. The food is always nice and hot and you can see through the window that they take their time to make it good dinner done right.

So… don’t delay, head there today and get some finkerlicking goodness into you. Im telling you now, you won’t know yourself. Don’t drive and eat though… 

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That’s all for tonight folks, see you soon. Shane Bentley

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