3 tips for Trauma and Coping.

Trigger warning: this post may upset some viewers…

We have all no doubt been through some sort of trauma or hurt in our lives. It sucks, it hurts, we cry, we smile and we try to forget about it.

Maybe someone at school hurt you or maybe your neighbors are being rude, aggressive, and hurtful constantly for 3.5 years…

It all hurts and nothing will ever make us forget about it.

For me, suicide seems like a probable option most of the time, however, it doesn’t have to be this way and I have 3 tips to help us feel a bit better about ourselves.

  1. Get help from a councillor or psychogist.
  2. Self affiormations: “I believe in myself”…
  3. Have a healthy diet.

I have been through so much heartache in my life from bullying to annoying antagonist neighbors and more… It only gets better when we do as much as we can to get the help we need when we know we are ready and need it.

I hope these tips have helped you or will help you along your journey.

Shane Bentley.